The sonsetfund is a Ghanaian registered NGO committed to supporting education in deprived communities in Ghana. Sonsetfund provides support for individuals at different levels as well as supporting the youth in literacy and skills training to attain higher education. We:

  1. Support for primary schools
  2. Support for secondary schools
  3. Support for higher education
  4. Capacity building of organizations and community groups.
  5. Research (programmes geared towards solving indigenous problems or providing solutions)
  6. Support for students.

Human beings have the choice over everything except two things, they cannot choose. The choice of parents and the geographical location they were born. Some People have been born to very poor, illiterate parents in very deprived communities of Ghana. The child born into ignorance, illiteracy and poverty gives that innocent child a negative perception and mental attitude in life. The child grows as an offspring and a by product of his negative environment.

Sonsetfund therefore seeks to provide opportunities for these deprived communities and individuals a sense of hope. We therefore say that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.