Inspirational Messages

TEXT "ISLAM" to tiGO SHORT CODE 606, Vodafone SHORT CODE 6060 to recieve Inpsirational Messages from the Chief Imam daily.


  1. Acquire SSNIT number as a student 
  2. Acquire E-Zwitch account from any bank in Ghana 
  3. Use your student identification number obtained from your universe or tertiary institution to create log in access on the students loan website 
  4. Use the above to compete the form/apply for the students loan online and submit it During the process of completing the form, you may use the 
    • Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund (SONSETFUND) as your guarantor for the entire period 
  5. Go to the SONSETFUND website to compete our form on
  6. Take the students loan form to any students loan trust fund office particularly the online campus office. Your finger tips and biometric will be captured on four fingers 
  7. Send both forms (students loan form and SONSETFUND form) to the SONSETFUND office at Fadama. 
You may use the services and support of the Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA) to send the forms to us for a fee (5ghc).


SONSETFUND charges 50Ghc as Administration fee and it must be paid before endorsement. 

We advice every potential beneficiary or applicants to ensured that following are adhered to during the processes;

1. Provide all the necessary information to the best of your knowledge on both forms 
2. Be truthful to yourself and to us because we will eventually get to the bottom of every information you provide us.
3. Inform your guarantors and referees on the SONSETFUND form that we will call them and follow up with home or community visit anytime to check the authenticity of the information they provide us 
4. Try to plan and arrange repayment plan after school. For instances, you may decide to start repaying from you national services allowance, perhaps 50Ghc per month.
5. Notify us and the students loan if you are not working 6months after your national services.
6. Always check for updates on our website


1. Send an application to the SONSETFUND office at Fadama or an email to

The application must be very detailed and plain. Applicants should be able to convince the administrators that he/she deserves or meets financial support.

2. Ensure that you get a contact person to follow up the status of your application 

3. Allow the administrators and managers of the Fund to determine your application in no less than 4months.

4. You will be notified if you aware being shortlisted at the end of 4th months or before December of ever year.
5. You will be called for interview to determine your situation and the range of support that you need or that can be given to you
6. You will receive your award notification by the end of January or first week of February 

Scholarship Award ceremony usually takes place in March or first week of April annually insha Allah.


1. Admission letter 
2. Previous paid receipts
3. Introductory letter from 
a. Prominent Imam 
b. Prominent of paramount chief of any tribe or community