Available Scholarships

Added on 22 September 2017


SONSETFUND met, on behalf of His Eminence, with the President of the Islamic University College of Ghana (IUCG) and staff today to discuss abt the renewal of ongoing scholarship facility that the university offers the National Chief Imam annually. So far, about 40 students benefit from the facility ranging from 10% in 2010, 30% in 2013 and 50,70,100% in 2015-17 academic years. We are so grateful to the Almustafa International University through the Islamic University College of Ghana, the Iranian Embassy and its Cultural Consulate for the generosity of the people of Iran to the Ghanaian Muslims. Pray for us to reach a good agreement with the University for the benefit of all. Long live His Eminence Long live Ghana-Iran relationship

Deadline: 27 September 2017