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Monday 20th July, 2020

Dear reader, 

I pray you are safe with sound mind and good health while reading this article which happens to be my first on one of the dominant and credible news outlets of this country.

I am also hopeful that you must have read or followed, by chance or out of curiosity, the news that was trending last week, about the National Chief Imam receiving and welcoming donation and above all endorsing a non alcoholic energy drink being produced by Adonko or the Angel group of companies. 

The Office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana (ONCI) posted and shared the news on the official Facebook page of the office with the following inscription;


"The devil is usually in the details but the angel has found himself in the detail this time".

My learned reader and observer, the ONCI has been lambasted, provoked and worst of all insulted with all negative words and curses on the officials of the ONCI especially those around the inner circle of His Eminence who manage his affairs and daily programs.

The argument ranges from;

1. The National Chief Imam should not endorse any drink, whether alcoholic or non alcoholic, by Adonko or angel group of companies for a mere fact that the Adonko is a household name in Ghana for producing alcoholic drinks and beverages. For that reason, promoting their non alcoholic drinks would mean or indirectly translates into promoting their products or the rest of their products which are alcoholic and forbidden in Islam.

2. His Eminence the National Chief Imam should not endorse any drink from any company but should rather pray for them.

Dear reader, my mind keeps baffling over the above and I'm wandering and pondering over it but as our cherished entertainer, lil win, said "I can't think far".

I've concluded that I need some more insights from the cherished readers and concerned Muslims and non Muslims over the matter.

My analysis below makes it wonder whether it's a matter of "THE PURSUIT OF DIABOLICAL AGENDA" of some people who hate the National Chief Imam or his cabinet OR is it much to do about "THE IGNORANCE OF SOME ELITE MUSLIMS" who can read and write but do not understand ISLAM and have no knowledge of ISLAM.

One of my favorite post comes from Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Deedat and it goes this way:

“The biggest enemy of Islam is the ignorant Muslim, Whose ignorance leads him to intolerance whose actions destroy the true image of Islam. And when the people look at him, they think that Islam is what he is. Sheikh A. Deedat”

Dear reader, below is my analysis to the best of my knowledge, to sum it up and waste no time:

What’s the Difference between  

1. the endorsement of National Chief Imam for a nonalcoholic energy drink from Angel group of companies that are producing alcoholic drinks. Remember they came to seek blessings of His Eminence and enlighten Ghanaians that the company is not producing only alcoholic drinks but non alcoholic as well. They came just like many other companies have come in the past to seek the blessings of His Eminence.

2. The National Chief Imam’s endorsement of Mineral water or any non alcoholic drinks from companies that are producing alcoholic drinks such Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), Malta Guinness from Guinness company and etc. 

3. Politicians who also come seeking the blessings of His Eminence with different party colors knowing very well that His Eminence is not restricted or limited to pray or bless any party or person.

Dear reader, I so much look forward to a Constructive and intellectual argument devoid of insult and character assassination please. 

We, however, need to consider the fact that the energy drink being produced by Adonko could turn the whole company into giving priority to the nonalcoholic drinks if sales rise n supersedes that of other alcohol-drinks, a credit that could be given to His Eminence and big reward from Allah for an act of Jihad. 

Dear reader, I’m wandering whether I’m looking at the right side of the coine but you are free to proffer your insight too. I also think that it depends on the angle and where you are standing to consider things the way you see it.

You are free to email me at khuzaimata@yahoo.co.uk or what’s up me on 0249826093.

Alhaji Khuzaima M. Osman 

Director of Youth Development and Interfaith Programs, Office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana (ONCI).

Personal Assistant(PA) to the National Chief Imam