Brief Biography of Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Chief Imam of Ghana

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu was born at Accra cow-lane in April 1919 by reputable parents from a well cultured and knowledgeable House. His father, Sheikh Imam Nuhu Sharubutu was the Imam-Raatib (regular or residential Imam) of the Accra Cent... read more ›

International Religious Freedom Report 2018

The United States Embassy in Ghana shared its 2018 report on International Religious Freedom around the World with the Islamic Peace and Security Council of Ghana (IPASEC) in which IPASEC was featured.  read more ›

National Chief Imam's ongoing projects

SHEIKH DR. OSMAN NUHU SHARUBUTU EDUCATION TRUST FUND [SONSETFUND] SONSETFUND was set up with a vision to produce highly educated world class youth, visionary leaders, business people and entrepreneurs for the 21st century in Ghana, partic... read more ›


This guarantorship form is required from all applicants of the Students Loan Application before the endorsement of SONSETFUND. read more ›

National Halal Certification Committee

HALAL food is that which adheres to Islamic law as defined in the Quran. The Islamic form of slaughtering animals or poultry (dhabiha) involves killing through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe. Animals must be aliv... read more ›

Ghana National Halal Registration

The Ghana National Halal Certification Committee (GNHCC) was set up by His Eminence the National Chief Imam and Grand Mufti of the Republic of Ghana as independent body to regulate and confirm the use of meat, poultry and any form of meat and beverag... read more ›