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National Chief Imam's ongoing projects


SONSETFUND was set up with a vision to produce highly educated world class youth, visionary leaders, business people and entrepreneurs for the 21st century in Ghana, particularly among the under privileged members of the community.

The following Aims and Objectives was deemed appropriate for the operations and management of the Fund, 10 years ago;

1. To help raise the level of educational standards in Ghana, particularly among the deprived and less privileged Zongo Communities.

2. To provide financial assistance and other support to the needy youth to pursue credible and viable courses of study in Ghana.

3. To assist or help establish educational institutions and other facilities in the deprived and less privilege Communities.

4. To provide free counselling and support to students and unemployed Youth on education, entrepreneurship, and how to seek and secure jobs etc.

The founder of the SONSETFUND, His National Chief Imam and Grand Mufti of the Republic of Ghana, Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu believes that;

‘an educated and literate person is a master of his or her own destiny’.

Hence, SONSETFUND works to empower the Muslim or Zango community with education to become a master of his or her own destiny.

Since Ghana attained independence in 1957, Ghanaian Muslims have largely proved to be forward looking. Many people the world over consider Ghanaian Muslims as different, as they have decided to follow the injunction of Prophet Mohammed [PBH) to seek knowledge from far and near, to join hands with the civilized world and to improve themselves and Ghana through education.

Consequently, today many Ghanaian Muslims have made contributions in Ghana’s development through areas of medicine, banking, engineering, education, business and politics among others. No wonder that countless Muslims are found in top positions of private and public organizations.

His Eminence the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu believes that:

“through education, every man or woman can and has the potential of achieving his or her aspirations”.

Yes, today, a sizeable number of Muslims are found in parliament as MPs while others are ministers with one Muslim, Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia as vice president of Ghana following from Alhaji Aliu Mahama who was Vice President under President John Kufuor. With this feat attained, there is no doubt that the current and coming generation of Muslims would follow their footsteps.

The mileage attained by Muslims in Ghana followed the decision of many Muslims and their leadership to move away from the fear of sending their children to secular schools in and outside Ghana.

However, with the establishment of the Islamic Education Unit and vibrant movements of the Ghana Muslim Students Association [GMSA], the awareness has been created that Muslim children cannot be forced in secular schools to become Christians. We have scores of Muslims who had their education in schools run by Christian missions, yet those people have remained Muslims till date.

To mention just a few, Dr. Alhasan Mohammed, former Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana and Ambassador of Ghana to Saudi Arabia, attended Adisadel College, a Catholic institution, but remained a ‘top notch’ Muslim leader in Ghana.

Authentic information from the Muslim students bodies is that the study of the Bible by Muslims rather does for them a world of good, as with that, the Muslim children are able to embark on comparative religious studies meant to help them live peacefully with people belonging to other faiths.

Apart from sending Muslim children to secular and schools run by Christian missions many Islamic organizations such as Ghana Muslim mission, Tijjaniya Muslims Movement of Ghana (TMMG), Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamma (ASWAJ) and Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services [ICODEHS] have established many Islamic schools being run across the country as secular institutions.

The National Chief Imam Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu himself being an educationist and preacher, has established a number of basic English and Arabic schools culminating in him constructing a magnificent building to be used as a modern university campus at Kasoa in the Central Region.

A team of educationists and technocrats are preparing for accreditation for the new Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu University to provide modern courses in management and media studies.

Above all, His Eminence the National Chief Imam has come to realize that not many Muslim parents are capable of supporting their children financially to pursue higher education. Whereas he firmly believes that, ‘Education should not be a privilege for a few that can afford it in any society but rather a right for every child of school going age from primary to tertiary level’.

Pursuant to this vision the National Chief Imam decided to establish the Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund [SONSETFUND] in 2009 to complement government’s effort in making quality education accessible to all irrespective of one’s background, gender and social status.

The SONSETFUND has 13member executive council with Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, head of ICODEHS, as chairman to work towards promoting and making quality education accessible among the less privileged in Ghana.

10 years on, SONSETFUND has done a lot in the areas of education and empowerment in Ghana by laying plans to support needy but qualified students from the Zango communities who constantly appealed to Muslim leaders and the Chief Imam for assistance.

In the early days of its formation,

· SONSETFUND linked up with MTN, Tigo and Airtel Ghana to raise funds through Islamic texts messages by His Eminence the National Chief Imam. The proceeds were used in reconstructing some secondary schools in the Northern Regions in Ghana. That was the first of its kind in Ghana by the National Chief Imam which opened up room for the enrolment of more students up north.

  • SONSETFUND received books on various subjects from donors in Britain which were distributed to the University of Ghana, University of Development Studies, Islamic University College of Ghana, and University of Professional Studies among other institutions.
  • Through assistance given to SONSETFUND by the Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services, a 3 classroom block has been constructed at Abokobi in Accra to serve as a basic school. The project would soon enroll pupils in kindergarten and primary classes.
  • SONSETFUND secured four scholarships at GETFUND for Ghanaian Muslims to continue their masters degree programs in Ghana and abroad
  • SONSETFUND secured scholarship facilities with two tertiary institutions in Ghana to provide full and partial scholarships to over 10 students annually excluding an agreement with an Arabic based institution (DURRA Institute) to provide 10 scholarships for the studies of Arabic Language to Ten Ghanaians irrespective of their religions and backgrounds.
  • SONSETFUND collaborated with the MTN Ghana in 2012-13 and raised funds through an Islamic Education Competition Project dubbed “Islamic Hajj Promo”. Proceeds of the projects ensured that SONSETFUND sponsored over 25 students to further their studies at various tertiary institutions in Ghana.
  • Pursuant to that vision nineteen [19] qualified and needy students were awarded bursary worth 35,000GHC to study in various institutions in Greater Accra, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Northern, Upper East and Eastern Regions. Prior to that, 10 students were supported between 2009 to15.

The beneficiaries of the scholarships includes seven women who pursue subjects of interests to the Muslim community and the nation including nursing, midwifery, science and technology, business studies, religious studies, development studies and communication studies.

  • SONSETFUND took a gigantic step in 2011 to support Muslim students to attain tertiary education through the students’ loan trust fund of Ghana (SLTF) leading to SONSETFUND supporting more than Three Thousand and Two Hundred (3500) students to access loans from the Students’ loan scheme. Some of the students have completed their studies and are said to begin paying back loans granted them.

All the educational programs of SONSETFUND could not have been possible without financial support of some individuals and organizations that includes MTN, Ghana Commercial Bank, ICODEHS, Yankasa Asscoiation Incorporation of USA, the MP for Okaikoi North; Patrick Boamah and Alhaji Yusif Ibrahim Chairman of the GT Bank and the MD of Daar-Salaam group.

SONSETFUND wishes to thanks its partners, all organizations and individuals who helped in diverse ways towards the programs of the fund and prayed for God’s blessings and guidance to them all. We say “AYEKOO” and “MUN GOODE’’ to all.


Beneficiaries of the Students loan trust fund (sltf) scheme under which SONSETFUND undertakes to guarantee for Muslim students, have a term of 13 years to repay the loan with an installment of seventy Ghana cedis (70 ghc) a month per student for 5years.

SONSETFUND has so far recorded over 2,200 Muslims as beneficiaries of this scheme across the country between 2012-2017 academic years.

The successes achieved on this scheme tells of the desperation of Muslims to attain higher academic ladder but could not due to their inability to afford high cost of tertiary education.

The unfortunate thing is the accrued interest of twelve percent (12 %) once the loan has been contracted. This is also a source of fear to many Muslim parents.

We propose a financial assistance package for Muslim students who qualified to be supported with either a credit to be repaid after their studies or with just a grant.





Islamic Students Support Package

Yearly Grants to support the less privileged Muslims attain higher education in Ghana.



This brings the total support to one thousand (1,000) Muslims in four (4) years to approximately One million and five hundred thousand Ghana cedis (1,500,000GHC), a dollar equivalent of Three Hundred and Twenty-Six Thousand dollars (326,000).

We believe that with such a projection, Ghanaian Muslims would, in as little as ten years (10), compete with other groups in all areas of professionalism for individual and national development.

This proposal is the initiative of SONSETFUND and supported by the National Executive of the GHANA MUSLIM STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (GMSA).

SONSETFUND may be reached at or 0302226465, 0249826093, 0266040346 and GMSA can be reached at 0267675805 or 0246316502



TEL: 0249826093, 0266040346